About Sam


Hi there, I’m Samantha aka Sam! (insert emoji girl with hand up) Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, however, somehow I embodied a northern heart. I’m an everyday woman who loves coffee, exploring, photos, and good vibes.

I’ve been called to create, encourage, and fellowship; but most importantly, to let you know that whatever you may be experiencing in your life is relatable. Communicating was never my strong suit growing up. For me to actually be vulnerable and become a blogger is a big deal. On the positive side, I can proudly say I’ve come a long way thanks to the experiences of challenging friendships, relationships, and just life in general.

With that being said, welcome to my blog! It’s a dual-action site that not only includes travels, life experiences, inspirational insight, and everyday scenarios, but also visuals that showcase the photographic-eyes the Lord blessed me with to share some incredible perspectives with you.

If you like what you see or have anything you’d desire to share with me, feel free to subscribe or even connect with me on the contact page. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you & God bless!